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The beauty of a natural stone floor is that no two are ever the same. Each has its own unique color, veining, and natural characteristics such as hardness and porosity.

Each has it’s own style. A one-of-a-kind presence and personality. If your goal is a flooring solution for the way you live that

is truly unique, undoubtedly individual and purely personal, natural stone is a solid choice. But deciding on which stone can be challenging. To help you with this wonderful problem we’ve created this section on Natural Stone Styles.


Granite counter top is a dream interior decor to most people who desire one. Granite is a very trendy material that is used

for kitchen and bathroom countertops all over the country and around the world. Their popularity is mostly due to the natural solidity and resilience of the stone. Because of these extraordinary attributes, granite countertops are the top preference of homeowners. Granite is a stone with natural absorbent quality. The fact that granite counter top is coveted is not only

because of its beautiful surface, but it is also long lasting, that makes granite one of the best substances to use for counter tops.


Natural slate is an extremely adaptable and stunning building material. Formed in variable layers of natural color, the vying surfaces collide and combine with one another beneath the earth to produce a finished material which is a powerfully overwhelming array of colors and formations. Highly durable slate is weather and wear resistant, and it does not stain easily.

It can have varying levels of cleft in its surface, allowing you to choose a smooth and elegant polished facade, or a more rugged dimensional surface, to prevent slipping in wet or high traffic areas.

With a lot of information here and a little imagination on your part, you can begin to see what type of natural stone is your type.


So come along! Together we’ll get you another step closer to a decision.

No matter what type of natural stone flooring you're looking for, our staff can assist you in finding the right floors or backsplash for your home or business. So contact the High Ends Flooring experts today to schedule an appointment!


Other Countertop types we offer in addition to Granite & Silstone:




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